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MrDoc uses markdown and a rich text editor.Focus on content rather than style, make document writing simple and efficient.


Double column reading page, outline on the left and content on the right.Read a document like a book.


It not only supports the export of markdown, PDF, ePub and other formats, but also extends the avatar collection artifact with web browser.


Rich site management and permission control functions, not only easy to manage documents, but also easy to manage the whole system.

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Use Case

Create all kinds of document applications out of the box.

Knowledge Management

Classified according to the corpus, the highest three levels of document level are used for personal knowledge management, so that personal knowledge is no longer fragmented.

Team Document Warehouse

MrDoc is used as the document library within the team, which precipitates team experience and accumulates team digital assets.

Product Manual

The book like structure is suitable for presentation as a product instruction manual, especially when there are multiple products that need to be documented.

Online Book

The records of blog are too daily and scattered. Write an online book with seeking documents to systematize your output and provide readers with a smooth reading and learning experience.

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# Use git clone mrdoc source code
git clone

# Install required package
pip install -r requirements.txt

# Initialize database
python migrate

# Create Super User
python createsuperuser

# Run test server
python runserver

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If mrdoc helps you, I hope you can contribute to this project, which will support the continuous development of mrdoc. Thank you.

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